Sexy Swimwear

If you think sexy swimwear is made to be provocative in itself, then you’d better think again unless of course we’re talking about brazilian cut bikinis. More than its skimpy cut, what really makes a swimwear flattering is the one who is wearing it. More often than not, it depends on the right blend of style and color along with the wearer’s body shape, body type, skin tone, and overall confidence and bearing. With that, you can be sure that with the right pick of every element that makes you more appealing in a swimming apparel, you are on your way to that fabulous appearance during your beach holiday, whatever body shape, body type, or skin color you have.

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In trying to define the meaning of “sexy,” you can say that it is a relative term, which is normally based on how people see you. Some may notice your toned muscles and say that you are sexy, while others may complement your curves or shapely hips, arms, and legs. When it comes to swimwear, it is often linked to designs that showing more flesh or reveal more skin. Slender and voluptuous body types are more commonly attached to skimpy bikinis.

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While it is true that there really are swimming outfits designed to show more flesh, it is the wearer who makes them look gorgeous. After all, without the wearer, they are nothing but only pieces of fabric and other materials sewn together. The swimwear styles most commonly attributed to the word” sexy” are string bikinis, brazilian bikinis, slingshot bikinis, thong bikinis, and sheer swimwear.

Choosing a swimwear based on your body type

1.  If you’ve got issues concerning your tummy area, you’d better go for a tankini. It is a combination of a tight-fitting tank top and bikini bottoms. The tight-fitting top covers most of the middle section and also shapes it to look slimmer. There are also one-piece swimsuits that have belly-slimming effects.

2.  If you feel that your bottom halves are far from being attractive, you can get the attention away from them by emphasizing your other features. You can get push-up tops to flaunt your bust, or go for high-cut legs that can make your lower half look more slender.

3.  If you have large busts, go for tops with sufficient coverage and support.  Underwires would help keep them in place, too.

4.  Think you lack curves? Push-up tops and boy shorts can make you look more curvaceous.

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