Brazilian Swimwear

If you are in for a sizzling summer but you do not think a string bikini can match with your level of confidence and daring spirit, then Brazilian swimwear might be the right one for you.  Especially designed with so little fabric to accommodate Brazilian-style tanning and sunbathing, this is simply perfect to celebrate and take advantage of the generous amount of sunlight in beaches.

With so little fabric sewn and unique cut to complete the most daring fashion imaginable, these swimsuits are a popular choice among the world’s hottest and boldest women.  If you still do not have an idea of how little coverage these bikinis offer, then you might as well get an average micro or tiny string swimsuit and take off about two inches of fabric along the sides.  That is basically how you can define the popular Brazilian summer apparel.

Besides theirs cuts and sizes, they are also noted for their colors.  Taking advantage of Brazil’s bright summer days, its popular bikini sets come in striking colors and patterns that can stand out perfectly against the beaches’ gold and tan sand.

Bikini bottoms

Brazilian bottoms have a high cut on the hips, allowing very little Lycra to cover the buttocks and crotch area.  They come in three basic types based on the “level” of butt exposure.  The Tanga is by far the tamest, still hiding a fair amount of butt skin.  This type simply exposes half-moon areas on the outer seams of both sides.  The Asa Delta, on the other hand, is closer to a thong with its narrower rear cover.  Finally, the rear part of a Fio Dental is pretty similar to a piece of dental floss placed at the rear part.

Swimwear tops

Brazilian tops also come in three basic styles: triangle, halter, and bandeau.  A triangle top consists of a string bikini top with two triangular pieces of fabric used to cover the breasts.  Halter tops also have strings and fabric straps that tie around the neck.  Halter bikini tops, meanwhile, usually make use of more fabric and are more appropriate for women with larger busts.  Bandeaus are rectangular tubes, which can come with or without straps.

Bikini sizes

This kind of skimpy beachwear typically comed in four sizes: P or Pequeno, M or Medio, G or Grande, and GG or X-Grande.  These sizes are comparable to North America’s extra small, small, medium, and large, respectively.