Micro Swimwear

If you are feeling all hot and daring for summer, hit the beaches in your micro swimwear and watch the rest of the beach sizzle with you.  These bikinis provide so little coverage that they allow maximum exposure to the sun for excellent tanning.  They also leave very little to the imagination that they’re more of fashion elements than cover for the body’s sensitive parts.

Thongs and string bikinis are popular designs of micro swimsuits.  Their bikini bottoms only have small pieces of fabric used to cover the crotch area and, at times, a small part of the butt area.  But most of the time, micro bikinis the leave majority or the entire butt area exposed for balanced tanning.  Their tops usually have two small pieces of triangular fabric to cover some portions of the breasts.  These pieces of fabric are connected and held in place by strings or straps that tie at the back and around the neck.

Micro beachwear are usually made of Lycra or Spandex.  As the body’s second skin, these materials provide just the right elasticity and stretch to hug what they are intended to cover.  This is also popular for this kind of skimpy beachwear because the weave and thread patterns of the crochet allow for more sunlight, which makes this material ideal for beachwear used for sunbathing and tanning.

To be able to wear this revealing kind of bathing suit with style and confidence, it is important for you to undergo a wax treatment first.  Brazilian wax would suffice.  You should get rid of those unwanted hair when you wear your tiny bikini, be it micro, tiny string, Brazilian, or any other style.  Also, it is important to keep in mind that tiny swimsuits that provide very little coverage usually favor only slender bodies and smaller busts.

A little history

Before micros and many other types came into use, women went to beaches in one-piece swimsuits.  In 1946, French engineer Louis Reard developed the first two-piece swimsuit popularly known as “bikini.”  It was named after the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, which was the site where nuclear tests were conducted in 1946.  Modern ones were first introduced and used in 1947.  From this first sets evolved several variations, with various innovations on the style and size.  These popular swimwear apparel acquired many different styles, shapes, and designs.  They also became smaller and more daring to suit women’s tanning and sunbathing habits, not to mention their daring beach fashion tastes.