Swimwear Bikini

When you say “beach babe,” you’d most likely have a mental image of a woman in a swimwear bikini. This is because the two-piece swimsuit has long been the trademark of beaches when it comes to women’s swimming outfit. More often than not, you must earn the right to wear a bikini to be considered a hot chick on the beach. But before you go dashing to the nearest boutique and grab one for that glorious summer outing, why don’t you first get to know more about this type of beachwear?

By definition

A bikini is defined as a two-piece swimwsuit for women composed of a top and a bottom. The term is also used to refer to male brief swimsuits or to low-cut briefs (be it for males or for females). Both the top and bottom pieces are similar to women’s underwear, though they come in several types, styles, and colors.

Short history

It first appeared in the 1940s when a French engineer named Louis Reard invented the first modern kind. Interestingly, bikinis were named after the site of the July 1, 1946 nuclear weapon test of the Operation Crossroads, the Bikini Atoll. Some historians did suggest that the logic behind its name is that Reard believed that the excitement that this bathing suit can cause is similar to a nuclear device or explosion.

Styles and variations

From its traditional style, it has evolved into various versions and cuts out of the designers and manufacturers’ creative minds. Designers were able to device several ways to stay true to the basic role of this swimsuit, that is, to provide coverage for the breasts, groin, and buttocks. Taking the last two syllables, “kini” has also been used to describe different styles. Among them are monokini (bottoms with strings or straps that hang on the shoulders), numokini (topless bikini), tankini (tank top and separate bottom), seekini (with see-thru design), and camikini (camisole paired with a bottom).

Bikini tops were developed into various styles. Among them are strings, bandeaus, or tube-types with or without straps, halter tops, push-ups, and tank tops. Likewise, the swimwear bottoms were also developed to have many variations including shorts, briefs, skirts, and thongs, which provides minimum fabric coverage to the crotch while leaving the butt totally exposed. Micro, slingshot, and teardrop swimsuits are also available. They are made to suit different body types, shapes, and sizes. Some are also made to complement the skin tone and highlight the best feature of a woman.